TOUCH≈ the handbook

@ The Alhambra, Morecambe, North West England
April 2021
Curated by the Other National Theatre

Contact festival director Nick Awde – +44 (0)7961 154590 /

The piece
—An installation, exactly three minutes in duration.
—Original or adapted or abridged!
—An audience of one-four people walk into it and experience it for three minutes before walking to the next one.
—Local-national-international – solo or, better!, a collaboration between practitioners: one in the UK, one from another country (who can be based of course in the UK).
—To explore issues including class, race, gender, disability, poverty, health, and how they have fared through the Covid world, the good as well as the bad. Ecology too.
—Aimed at an audience that, in general is family (i.e. accessible to all ages even if the subject is more focused) and people who don’t go to theatre or performance.
—Any elements from theatre to dance to music to performance art but needs a narrative.

—You can use audio, screens, objects, puppets, posters, anything. The Covid irony being that nothing should designed to be touched physically.
—Footprint is a circle with a 6ft radius and/or the square that goes around that, plus lots of headroom.
—Easy to assemble and to take down.
—Easy and safe to store.
—We will instal. We can also build for you.
—You can come to Morecambe of course at any time and you can do your own setup we can put on something else. Let us know.

Online and/or live
If you want to:
—Add to the show online or live.
—Do an online show instead.
—Do a live performance (of any length), in situ or streaming.
… All is possible – let us know and we can work it out.

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