Northern Waves

Northern Waves @ The Alhambra Theatre, Morecambe
[ ‘Bringing communities together’ ]

Northern Waves is a newly created arts network for the local community in Morecambe. We were part of starting Morecambe Fringe and the West End Players in Morecambe, as part of our work for inclusion through creativity in the area. We are planning to run a linked series of projects over 12 months – March to March.

Northern Tides is The Other National Theatre’s first ‘indoor-outdoor’ festival to celebrate the stories and artistic vision of the Morecambe Bay community. The first edition will be centred around the West End of Morecambe, one of the most deprived areas in the UK that is experiencing a vibrant turn-around as a direct result of community spirit. The aim is to provide exciting, inclusive, diverse theatre and art that channels creators and audiences alike. Combining community theougbits surroundings: the buildings, the streets, the promenade, the beaches and sea.

The idea of the festival, like OEROL on the North Sea island of Terschelling in the Netherlands, creates works that are accessible regardless of how bad the weather is — nothing in Northern Waves will get washed out. Communities also means bringing toegther the creative communities of the North West toegther by sharing work in their areas through the hub of Morecambe. Communities also means taking the north down to the south – if the South won’t come up to the North. 

After putting on a test mini festival in April 2019 with the Morecambe Goth Passion Play, we want to put on a weeklong festival for the children of Morecambe. It will take place at the Alhambra Theatre and fill a much-needed gap in the cultural calendar for the winter months after the New Year. The plan is to invite five innovative theatre groups to Morecambe who specialise in children’s theatre, and they will do performances and workshops across the week for schools.